Targeting High Level Decision Makers

Relationship and Opportunity Development is the latest application of Closed Loop Interactive Marketing to Business “CLIMB®”. ROD™ is designed to target High Level Decision Makers in the B2B environment. Adhering to the CLIMB® methodology each client customized ROD™ process utilizes closed loop, tactically integrated marketing tactics like mail, email, IM, social networks, web, phone and includes post presentation communication.


ROD™ always begins with a prospect database scrub and continually updates the contact and environment information throughout the relationship development process.


Each ROD™ process is custom designed to achieve the client’s predetermined objectives within tightly defined market segments. The custom nature of the process helps to engage the targeted decision makers into a compelling Pre-Sales Relationship based upon a credible and mutually beneficial information exchange. ROD™ not only initiates this Relationship but maintains and progressively enhances its depth and productivity.


Over the course of each Relationship our ROD™ process systematically overcomes any concerns of the targeted Decision Maker. This creates a level of confidence and credibility that permits them to speak openly without fear of creating a “Push” based sales pitch. The result is the establishment of substantive communication which enables Opportunity qualification. Once this occurs ROD™ assembles a robust and fresh Pre-Sales profile and schedules a meeting with a pre-determined client representative. All of this is followed by post meeting nurturing and intelligence collection. The bottom line is that High Level Relationships are established, Sales Cycles are shortened, Close Rates are increased and Sales Productivity is enhanced. On the Marketing side, Account and Market Intelligence is continually provided and updated, Instant Primary Research and Customer Feedback is available and Reports on Challenge and Initiative Trends are provided on a routine basis.

Recommendation – Don’t Try This at Home

The ROD™ activities and Rewards described above require dedicated specialists for each custom Program. These resources include IT/CRM, Web, Creative, Proactive and Responsive Phone, Mail and Email, Team Members, Team Management and Training.