The Fusion of Creativity & Process


Closed Loop Interactive Marketing to Business. Our CLIMB® methodology integrates “one off” marketing tactics like direct mail, e-marketing, telemarketing & web based content distribution into a dynamic, measurable, closed loop process.


One great advantage of our CLIMB® system is that it utilizes both synchronous and asynchronous communication between our client and their prospective decision makers and influencers. This creates a sense of dialog rather than one way message delivery. Because this dialog is centered on addressing the prospect’s challenges, executed properly, it forms the basis for an ongoing relationship.

Proactive dialog initiation with key decision makers requires multiple forms of communication, i.e. mail, phone, email and custom web pages. In order to be productive all of these must be integrated into a predetermined process which utilizes relevant research and benchmark metrics for proper timing and tactical proportionality. Program flows and communication tactics must be capable of proactive and responsive contact and each touch should be substantive, professional, and timely. CLIMB® ensures this discipline while customizing each program to our client’s specific requirements.


Time and security requirements necessitate that most key decision makers avoid unexpected contact and especially if it involves their provision of information. This obstacle to uninvited communication can only be overcome with the establishment of trust and potential benefit to the decision maker that makes the time and risk worth taking. Simply stated that won’t happen with one contact of any type whether mail, email, phone or in-person. Conversely, irritating multiple attempts to contact can cause long term harm to the potential for the initiation of dialog.

Over many years of progressively improving our CLIMB® process we have created a systematic way to incrementally overcome both the time and risk concerns of decision makers. Equally important our process accomplishes its mission while in most cases developing and enhancing the key relationships. Critical to our success are the incremental stages and steps systematically deployed by the CLIMB® process.

CLIMB®, first establishes credibility, then provides substantive benefit, then with the cooperation of the prospect, enhances the value of the benefit, and finally closes the loop up to ensure satisfaction. Of course all of this is done and repeated where required, over a prescribed period of time without taxing our client’s time, resources, or talent until the opportunity is ready to be sealed.